Thursday, 24 October 2013

Introducing: The High Learys!

Our next discovered talent is a band of great artistry, The High Learys! The Australian band popped up to us on a scroll through Youtube, and we were blown away. With Matt Williams on guitar, Jamie Turner on vocals/bass, Micheal Hutt on the organ and Adrian Macmillan on drums, the four combine to make a fantastic mix of psych, rhythm and blues and freakbeat! The High Learys formed in 2011 in their hometown of Perth, and were not so long after signed to the German music label 'Soundflat'. In May this year they released their delightful debut album 'Here Come The High Learys', an astounding mix of songs, one of which is our favorite 'you've got what i need'.

 The high learys are massively influenced by us beloved Brits and mod culture, always dressed the sharpest possible. Their sound is clearly very much inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and The Kinks. We simply adore the 60's vibe their music gives off! After countless hours of listening to their album on repeat, we decided our favorite song of theirs has got to be 'You've Got What I Need', with its upbeat tempo and exploding energy of rhythm ,its an instant mood lifter! We can clearly tell by their work they have a very deep and admirable passion for music and everything they do. 

 Also, The High Learys are currently doing a European tour, stopping by at Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and most excitedly Britain! If you hope to be giving one of their gigs a visit, they are still taking place this month and carring on through next month too, or if you want to look into getting your hands on some tickets for one, check out their websites for more information here:

Overall, we think The High Learys are a hell of a lot more than just 'recommendable', we really do hope to hear a lot more of them in the future, and we're certainly sure we will. We advise you all to give these guys a good listen or you're missing out on a great deal of good music, so here's a few links to our favorite songs of theirs for you to check out :
                                           You've Got What I Need
                                           Peace Of Mind
                                           Let You Down

That's enough of our tales of first-rate music for this week, although we could go on for hours. Thank you all for taking a look at our blog and giving it a read, we hope you all enjoyed our nattering on about our love of good real music. We'd love to hear of you all again soon, and make sure you hop by for our next blog post next week!
                                                         Sophie and Ruby x

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